Theater Arts

To bring a moment to life onstage, many hours of rehearsal, costume design, set construction and other behind-the-scenes work must take place.

Theater arts students at Emmanuel College gain an appreciation of theater history and of the various roles that bring works of theater from the script to the stage, applying their skills to the Theater Arts Department's productions.

Minor Requirements

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Requirements for a Minor in Theater Arts

6 courses (24 credits)

  • THRT1101 The Theater: History and Appreciation
  • THTR1111 Public Speaking: Voice and Diction
  • THTR2111 Acting: Basic Techniques
  • THTR2112 Acting: Styles and Genress Or
  • THTR2113 Playing Shakespeare: from Study to Stage
  • THTR3101 Dramaturgy and Play Analysis Or
  • THTR3122 Playwriting
  • THTR3121 Theatrical Design and Production

At least three performances and/or technical work as part of a live program

Learning Goals & Outcomes

At the completion of an Individualized Major in Theater Arts degree, the student will:

  • Develop knowledge of terminology, theory, history, structure and conventions of the theater and drama
  • Acquire the skills necessary to present a theatrical work through appropriate performance and/or production techniques
  • Acquire skills and techniques that will enable them to indepedently and/or collaboratively create new works
  • Develop and appreciation for the collaborative nature of theater productions
  • Develop a familiarity with a broad sampling of dramatic literature that varies in both cultural context and subject matter
  • Develop an understanding of the key intrinsic aesthetic and humanistic values in dramatic literature and theater performance