Sociology helps us to understand society and ourselves, from our brief interactions with anonymous individuals to our roles within our families and jobs.


Sociology challenges us to question routines and expectations, to understand why we see things the way we do and to inquire into how different people approach the same situations from a variety of cultural backgrounds. By developing a sociological perspective, we can identify the institutions that shape society, at large, and our individual lives.

At Emmanuel, sociology students make significant contributions by creating more just social structures through their involvement in movements for social justice, peace, civil rights, women's rights, democracy and human rights throughout the world. These students go beyond the classroom, tapping into the rich social, academic and professional resources that Boston has to offer through exciting internships and research opportunities.

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Emmanuel College graduates can be found making their mark at leading companies and organizations all over the city of Boston, across the country and around the world. But their path to success and fulfillment starts on campus, with a commitment to achieve at the highest level in their studies, in leadership roles and in student clubs and organizations, while engaging in purposeful work that honors their obligations to their communities and the wider world.

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