Pre-Professional Programs

Different from an undergraduate major, Emmanuel's pre-professional programs are recommended paths of study and experience to prepare students for admission to graduate school or a career in a specific industry.

In addition to a strong interest in and knowledge of subject matter, graduate school admissions offices at law and medical schools are also looking for well-rounded and diverse applicants that possess intellectual curiosity, ethics, leadership, tenacity, and communication and interpersonal skills. Emmanuel's pre-professional programs offer curricula recommended by the American Bar Association and the Association of American Medical Colleges designed to position you for success as you pursue postgraduate education, no matter which major you choose at the undergraduate level.


  • Pre-Health Professions

    Graduate education and careers in medical fields require a strong preparation in the fields of biology or chemistry within a well-rounded liberal arts and sciences background.

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  • Pre-Law

    Students interested in a legal education are encouraged to pursue an area of study that interests them while develop reading, writing, public speaking, critical thinking and research skills.

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