We live in a world increasingly driven by data. How can we use numbers to solve real-world problems?

Companies and organizations from all industries are inundated with data every day. Brands have access to the behaviors and preferences of their customers, which can be transformed into marketing insights. In the shaping of public policy, decision makers frequently require data on the economy, employment, crime and more to address complex issues in a practical way. In the medical field, data is used for everything from curing diseases to predicting epidemics. Statisticians are essential in exploring this data and the theories that surround it in order to understand, process, visualize and communicate its patterns and meaning to others. The statistics minor at Emmanuel is a great complement to majors in chemistry, biology, management, psychology, sociology and others, for in-demand careers in finance, research, healthcare, marketing and more.

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Requimenents for a Minor in Statistics

  • MATH1111 Calculus 1
  • MATH1112 Calculus II
  • MATH2101 Linear Algebra
  • MATH2113 Applied Statistics
  • MATH3105 Advanced Statistics

At least one elective to be chosen from

  • MATH2111 Mathematical Modeling
  • MATH3103 Probability
  • MATH4101 Programming in SAS
  • CHEM2104 Analytical Chemistry
  • BIOL2123 Genetics
  • MGMT3110 Marketing Research: An Applied Orientation
  • PSYCH2802 Methods and Statistics II
  • SOC3103 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods