Interdisciplinary Studies

Are you interested in how centuries of American history have influenced the creation of the country’s art and literature? Do you want to learn more about religion’s role in the waging of war and the promotion of peace?

At Emmanuel College, you are encouraged to explore ALL of your interests and to discover how they relate to one another. Our interdisciplinary majors cross boundaries of traditional academic disciplines or schools of thought, giving students the opportunity to integrate knowledge and methods from multiple areas of study to solve complex problems.


  • Gender & Women's Studies

    How do the social and cultural constructions of masculinity and femininity affect gender roles within historic and contemporary society?

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  • Latin American Studies

    Cross disciplinary borders while exploring this vibrant, influential, culturally significant and critically important region of the world.

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  • Leadership

    Leadership is more than a title – it involves learning effective communication, building strong relationships and the desire to enact positive change.

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  • Middle East Studies

    The Middle East at this time of transition offers complex challenges and promise.

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  • Peace Studies

    Peace is not necessarily defined as just the absence of war, but as the presence of conditions for a sustainable peace.

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