Business & Economics

Management: Health Care Management

Create positive change in the health care environment by managing the way quality care is measured and delivered.

Health care and business are both complex and ever-changing industries. With Emmanuel's location adjacent to leading health care providers in the Longwood Medical Academic Area and in the business mecca of Boston, this interdisciplinary major is a natural fit for students with a passion for health and a knack for the intricacies of business.

Health care management professionals who understand changes in health care laws, regulations and technology and are responsible for overseeing all operations including human resources, finance and marketing within the health care system are in high demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for medical and health service managers are expected to grow by the faster-than-average rate of 23% through 2022.

Major Requirements

View the 2018-2019 Academic Catalog for course numbers, titles and descriptions.

Requirements for a B.A. in Management with a concentration in Health Care Management 

In addition to courses required for the major in management, students take 12 credits from the courses listed below. We also recommend that Management majors do their management internship (MGMT3496) in a position in the health care industry.

  • PHIL1205  Health Care of Ethics
  • SOC2123    Operations and Health Care Systems, Structures and Cultures
  • ECON3113 Economics of Health Care

Minor Requirements

View th 2018-2019 Academic Catalog for course numbers, titles and descriptions

Requirements for a Minor in Health Care Management

(for non-Management/Accounting majors)

  • MGMT1101  Intro to Business
  • ECON1101    Principles of Microeconomics
  • PHIL1204    Health Care Ethics
  • ECON3113   Economics of Health Care
  • MGMT2307 Organizational Behavior OR
  • MGMT2200 Principles of Marketing OR
  • MGMT2301  Legal Environment of Business