Gallery 5

Gallery 5 - Emmanuel Art  DepartmentGallery 5 seeks to engage the larger art community of Boston and vicinity with the goal of positioning Emmanuel College as a viable and significant participant in contemporary art. With its active exhibition schedule, opening receptions, and artist talks, Gallery 5 actively engages the discourse of contemporary art with the goal of introducing this discourse to the Emmanuel College community and beyond. 

Gallery 5 provides an essential exhibition space for the Emmanuel College Art Department. The Gallery is consistently active with exhibitions of work by professional artists, emerging artists, artist residents, outsider artists and Emmanuel College art students and alumni. The Gallery is utilized by faculty throughout the year as an educational tool that supports their teaching through the organizing of exhibitions with themes that are directly related to Art Department course content.  

Mat Tomezsko and Ben Saint-Maxent

Welcome True and Untrue

December 4 - February 2, 2018

Curated by: IICAT guest curatorial collective

"My current work is attempting to capture some kind of essence of our current historical moment. They are abstract paintings made with slippery language, spray paint, and an abundance of acrylic paint. The language contains truth, lies, exaggerations, multiple readings, ambiguity, sidesteps, delusions, profundity, and dream-logic. I am working with the mechanics of language and the building blocks of meaning, arranging and rearranging letters and words to be carried away by the viewer."

Mat Tomeszsko

"The goal is to blur the boundaries and make the audience believe that the story happened in Miami. My idea is to demonstrate that today misfortune can happen to everyone and that the place you come from is not important. In France, it is a common idea that misfortune only affects people from poor neighborhoods and that everything is more or less their fault."

Ben Saint-Maxent

Sofie Elana Hodara Stewart in Memoriam

Emilia Lloret The Pride Revolution

Lina Marie Giraldo Buildup

Stephan Jacobs Full Circle

Bernie D'Onofrio and Steve Hazsonics Two Views

Reinis Lismanis Solid Views

Rachel Eng  Aggregations

Ariel Freiberg Opia

Scott Patrick Wiener I Can't Hear What You Can't See

Erica Licea-Kane  Built Paintings

Dan Kornrumpf  Observing Energies

Andrea Evans Clear Cut

Mari LaCure and Matthew Murphy Astrometry

Katie James Some Relevant Saints

Eric Petitti To the memory of Turner Eteocles. 2468-2535

Jeanne Ramalho Transfers on Wood

Sara Egan Plaster/Work

Bernie D'Onofrio New Glass Work

Jordan Corey No Flash

Stacy Thomas-Vickory Bending the Horizon

John Magnifico is consumed by branding

Arla Patch Healing through Creativity

Holly Curcio A Matter of Perspective

Eileen Gagarin letting letters loose

Paul McAllister

Naoko Matsumoto Reminiscence in Space

Hugo Barratta

Janice Jakielski

February 19 - March 30, 2018.

Image of ceramic piece

Exhibition Proposals and Artist Submissions

Gallery 5 invites artist submissions. Proposals are currently being accepted. The Gallery is located in a highly visible space in the recently renovated Art Department. Artists interested in exhibiting or curating an exhibition in Gallery 5 should submit the following:

  • 10 - 20 images of recent work
  • Artist statement
  • Resume
  • Short bio (optional)
  • Brief letter of intent
  • Contact information

Submission materials can be sent to or by mail to:

Brian Littlefield
Assistant Professor of Art
Emmanuel College
400 The Fenway
Boston, MA 02115

Please include a self addressed stamped envelope for return of submission materials, if desired.