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Florencia Gabriele

Lecturer, Department of Business and Economics

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Office: Administration Building, Room 443

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Ph.D., Northeastern University; M.A., Northeastern University; M.Aief, Brandeis University; B.A., Emmanuel College


MIT - JPAL Poverty Lab, 
Statistical Training for randomized experiments in Economics

Harvard University - John F. Kennedy School of Government

About Me

Teaching economics is as much fun as learning it. As a student, I chose to become an economics major because I was looking for answers to understand what was going on in my native country, Argentina, and economic classes open up into continuing reading about political science, public policy, behavior, finance and so on. One thing led the to the other. Today, teaching economics grants me the opportunity to share my passion with my students. There is always something going on in my life, my students' lives, the country and the world that we can analyze in class, and there is no aspect of life that is outside the purview of economics.

Other than economics and political science, I have a love for the physical, mental and spiritual training that I receive in my martial arts classes. I love the pilgrimages that I had the opportunity to be part of at the birthplace of the martial arts at the Shaolin Temple in Deng Feng China where I have taken classes and performed.

I hope that everyone knows that the doors of my office are always open. Anyone can make an apt to see me (profgabriele.youcanbook.me). Make sure that you stop by my office in ADM 433 to say hi or to chat about class.

What I Love About Emmanuel

I love Emmanuel College as a faculty member as much as I loved it as a student. The spirit of community has not changed at all. I joined Emmanuel when it was an all-women's school. During that time Emmanuel was transitioning into a co-ed college. Since then, the classrooms got larger and the campus has been beautifully renovated. Emmanuel is truly a special place. It is a welcoming college, that has the best of all worlds. Students can have close contact with their professors, they get help and they are encouraged to do their best. We are a team who thrives to help our students to succeed. We communicate with our students outside the classroom, with flexible office hours, and field trips and activities.

Courses I Teach

(Economics, Political Science and History Departments) Macroeconomics, History of Economic Thought, Personal Finance, Comparative Politics of Developing Countries, Political International Economic Relations, Introduction to Comparative Politics, Capstone International Studies Seminar, History of Contemporary Latin America.

Publications and Presentations


  • Colleges of the Fenway Academic Technology Showcase, OERs at Emmanuel College & April 2018
  • HeadsUp! 
  • "Use of OERs in the classroom." Poster Presentation, CPS, Northeastern Faculty Conference November 2017
  • OERs at Emmanuel, Level Up!, Emmanuel College September 2017
  • Faculty Showcase "Teaching Transforms," Teaching with OERs at Emmanuel College May 2017
  • Globalization and Intergovernmental Organizations, Northeastern University October 2009


  • Heads Up, NETA Conference, Indianapolis November 2017
  • Faculty Showcase "Teaching Transforms," Teaching with OERs at Emmanuel College September 2017 
  • Delegative Democracies: The Case of Argentina » Authoritarianism and Authoritarian Tendencies Panel at NPSA Conference, Boston, MA November 2012 
  • "Bolivarian Nationalism in Venezuela": Nationalism Conference, Global Studies Association and Pace University, New York, NY June 2008
  • "Global PACTs: Teaching Civil Society in a Multicultural Context" (with Denise Horn). International Students Association Annual Meeting March 2007 
  • "Global PACTs: Teaching Civil Society in a Multicultural Context" (with Denise Horn). American Political Science Association Teaching and Learning Conference, Charlotte, NC February 2007 

Research Focus

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Informal Economy, Political Economy, Behavioral Economics Informal Economy, Microcredit, Democratization in Latin America; Behavioral Economics (applied to Personal Finance)

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