Negotiating an Offer

The moment where you receive a job offer is incredibly exciting. We also know that it can be overwhelming, especially if it is an offer for your first full-time position. The Career Center provides individual counseling on salary, benefits and other components of a job offer, and will help you create a negotiation strategy.

When negotiating an offer or comparing opportunities, be sure to look beyond the salary and evaluate all of the benefits in the offer. Benefits may include health, medical and dental insurance; retirements savings plans and profit sharing; paid time off; commuting costs and subsidies; on-site amenities, such as food service, dry cleaning drop-off and pick-up, fitness facilities, etc.; and other perks, such as a cell phone, company car, company discount, etc. Salary offers will likely be competitive within the industry for your experience level and position, but the additional components of a job offer can create significant financial advantages, as well as opportunities to help you save time or money.