If you have been selected for an interview, your qualifications and experience provided in your cover letter and résumé match what the employer is seeking in a strong candidate. The interview provides you with the opportunity to convey to an employer how you will benefit the organization and will allow you to expand upon your experiences. It is also an opportunity for both you and the employer to assess if you, the position and the organization are a good fit. The interview is an excellent time for you to gain insight into the company and position and whether the position meets your career goals and aspirations. At the same time, the employer has the opportunity to assess your skills, experiences and personality.

Interviewing is a skill: The most effective interview will come from preparation and practice. To learn more about preparing for an interview and to review sample interview questions, please view our Interview Guide.

We encourage students to meet with a career advisor to gain a better understanding of the interview process and to practice interviewing. To schedule a one-on-one appointment for a mock interview, please stop by the Career Center or contact us at (617) 735-9930 or