Service + Volunteering

Some graduating seniors may elect to take a break before applying to graduate school or seeking full-time employment. A year (or more) of service provides opportunities for networking, exploring career alternatives, time to prepare for graduate school examinations, and professional experience.

Alliance for Catholic Education
ACE is a two-year service program offering college graduates the opportunity to serve as full-time teachers in under-resourced Catholic schools throughout the United States. ACE prepares its teachers in an innovative Master of Education program at the University of Notre Dame.

Each year, AmeriCorps offers thousands of opportunities for adults of all ages and backgrounds to serve through a network of partnerships with local and national non-profit groups. As an AmeriCorps member, you will serve your community, build your capacity and make an impact on our nation. In addition, full-time members who complete their service earn a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award equivalent to the current Pell Grant maximum to pay for qualified educational expenses (including student loan repayment); members who serve part-time receive a partial award.

Catholic Volunteer Network
The Catholic Volunteer Network, established in 1963, is a non-profit membership organization of 200 domestic and international volunteer and lay mission programs. Currently, more than 10,000 volunteers and lay missioners serve in these programs throughout the U.S. and in 108 other countries.

City Year
City Year unites young people of all backgrounds for a year of full-time service within at-risk schools in 24 cities, giving them the skills and opportunities to change the world. City Year leverages the energy and idealism of corps members-and the power of national service-to help transform low-performing schools and dramatically increase the graduation pipeline in America.

FrancisCorps volunteers serve in a Franciscan faith-based lay ministry in the Roman Catholic tradition. Saint Francis was called to be a brother to all people and the FrancisCorps volunteers model a community life that is inclusive, simple, peaceful, down-to-earth, respectful, collegial and responsive to the signs of the times. Founded in 1998, FrancisCorps volunteers spend one year living in the community and serving the poor.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit ecumenical Christian ministry that seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. To accomplish these goals, they invite people of all backgrounds, races and religions to build houses together in partnership with families in need.

Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Hundreds of grassroots organizations across the country count on Jesuit Volunteers to provide essential services to low-income people and those who live on the margins of our society. JVs work for and with people who are homeless, refugees, people with AIDS, the elderly, street youth, abused women and children, the mentally ill and the developmentally disabled. Since the first Jesuit Volunteers traveled to Copper Valley, AK in 1956, JVC has become the largest Catholic lay volunteer program in the country.

Lasallian Volunteers
The Lasallian Volunteers-a program of the De La Salle Christian Brothers of the Lasallian Region of North America-provides dedicated, well-trained volunteers for one or more years of service to schools and agencies of the Brothers whose mission is to serve the poor. Acting out of faith, rooted in the Gospel and sharing community with the Brothers and other Lasallians, the volunteers empower the poor by personalized service primarily through education.

Notre Dame Mission Volunteers
Founded by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in 1992, Notre Dame Mission Volunteers has been placing volunteers at sites nationwide to work alongside God's people, especially the economically disadvantaged. The volunteers accomplish this mission by promoting literacy and education.

Peace Corps

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps to promote world peace and friendship. The Peace Corps' mission has three simple goals: helping the people of interested countries in meeting their need for trained men and women; helping promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of the peoples served; helping promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans. Today's Peace Corps is more vital than ever, working in emerging and essential areas such as information technology and business development. Peace Corps volunteers continue to help countless individuals who want to build a better life for themselves, their children and their communities.

Teach For America

Teach For America is the national corps of outstanding recent college graduates of all academic majors and career interests who commit two years to teach in urban and rural public schools and become leaders in the effort to expand educational opportunity.