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ACE: Academic Connections for Engagement

Enhancing the academic integration of first-year students.

The transition to college life can be stressful, but Emmanuel offers many resources for first-year students to help you navigate new situations and thrive in your new community. The ACE: Academic Connections for Engagement seminar positions you to transition academically during your first year and beyond. The seminar meets for six weeks and is required for all first-year students. Each week, individual seminars are directed by Emmanuel faculty and staff serving as ACE instructors, and supported by upper class students serving as ACE guides. These seminars are unified by the common themes of community, connection/belonging and purpose.

The goal of this program is to increase student success by enhancing the integration of first-year students into the Emmanuel community. Supporting this goal are the following objectives:

  • Introducing students to the value of the liberal arts and sciences in today's world 
  • Familiarizing students with college-level work, academic expectations, and strategies key to academic success
  • Providing each student with a connection to a faculty or staff member and an upper class student
  • Enhancing the sense of community, belonging, and personal responisbility among first year students
  • Connecting students to campus resources and opportunities 

Sample ACE Schedule:

Weeks Topic
One  Introduction to ACE and Emmanuel College
Two  Technology Tools and Time Managment
Three  Community Responsibility
Four  Resources for Success
Five  Road Map for What's Ahead
 Six Exploring Emmanuel and Beyond