Academic Strategy Assistance & Programs

The ARC offers a variety of free programs and services to help students refine and develop effective college academic strategies.

Academic Specialists provide one-on-one coaching and study skills assistance to students experiencing challenges in their approach to their coursework. By working one-on-one, the Academic Specialists are able to address areas specific to the student. Some common areas addressed are procrastination, managing time, how to study and prepare for tests, test anxiety and getting the most out of assigned readings.

 ARC 0101: Strategies for Academic Success, a voluntary 4-5 week seminar for first-year students, is designed to help you enhance learning strategies and adapt to the expectations of a college liberal arts education. Topics for the seminar include how to:

  • Adjust your learning style to a learning task
  • Manage your time effectively and organize unscheduled time
  • Combat procrastination
  • Analyze and effectively use a syllabus
  • Read strategically
  • Take notes that convert into effective study tools
  • Conquer test anxiety and do well on tests
  • Become an engaged member of Emmanuel College's scholarly community

Workshops for Academic Success, open to all students and offered throughout the semester, focus on topics to promote academic success, such as adapting to college expectations, time management, study skills, grammar and essay revision and writing personal statements.

For more information on the above services and programs, contact the ARC or visit us in LIB G-04.

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