Senior Distinctions

Earning Distinction in the Field of Concentration requires more than scholarly achievement, but an academic prowess to explore a topic of interest through a significant research project. Learn more about the incredible projects our seniors have completed during their time at Emmanuel through travel, internships and focused research. 

2018 Distinction in the Field Projects


  • Olivia Spratt, "Constructions of Time in Contemporary Art Practice"
  • Timothy Furtado, "Imagining a Queer Utopia"
  • Elanna K. Abreu, "Art Therapy Presenting Homeless and Low-Income Individuals a Catalyst to Build Better Self-Understanding, Confidence and Motivation to Progress"
  • Brianna Fabianek, "The Healing Power of Art Therapy for PTSD in Survivors of Sexual Abuse"
  • Jennifer Habeeb, "A Study of Art Therapy and Pediatric Cancer Recovery"
  • Victoria Klimczak, "Ability through Art: A Case Study on the Social and Emotional Effects of Arts-Based Vocational Training for a Client with Moyamoya Disease"
  • Katelyn Langham, "Early Intervention Art Therapy and its Effect Within a Community"
  • Courteney Leonard, "Quality of Life: Art Therapy and Symptom Adaptation for the Developmentally Disabled"
  • Julia Bujalski, "Introspection: A Visual Exploration in the Communication of Emotional Experiences Through Common Materials and Experimental Typography"
  • Mary K. Parkhurst, "Dichotomies"


  • Jeremy Morrissette, "Contribution of Hematopoeitically Derived Macrophages to the Central Nervous System in a Non-Inflammatory State"
  • Emalee Peterson, "What the Sense of Smell Can Tell Us about Behavior in Autism Spectrum Disorder" 
  • Caleb McGrath, "Caught at a Red Light: Regulation of DNA Transcription by Premature Termination"  
  • Alex Powers, "Lipid Binding Behavior of Alpha-Synuclein: A Parkinson's Disease Associated Protein"  
  • Ryan Patenaude, "Using a Translational Approach to Capture Gait Signatures of Parkinson's Disease in Mice for Potential Treatment Applications"  
  • Victoria Mingione, "Investigating Novel Impacts of Mutant NUD1 Allele in the Mitotic Exit Network of S. cerevisiae"  
  • Cameron Messier, "Investigation into Catalytic Properties of Copper-Containing Enzyme Lysyl Oxidase"  
  • Anna Gill, "How Can Proteins Cause Paralysis? Investigating Cellular Effects of Neurodegeneration-Associated Peptides in ALS"  
  • Jared Nasser, "Impact of MHC Molecule Difference on the Contribution of Hematopoietic Central Nervous System (CNS) Macrophages"  
  • Cinthia Garcia, "A Panoramic Investigation of RNA Polymerase Associated Proteins"  
  • Raquel Ferreira, "Investigating Search Mechanisms of DNA Binding Proteins"  
  • Haley McEvoy, "Concussions Can Be a Headache: A Retrospective Analysis of Pediatric Post-Traumatic Headache"  
  • Gianna Iantosca, "Modeling a Novel Molecular Subset Prostate Cancer defined by an IDH1 Mutation"  
  • Kendyll Martin, "Characterization of the Brain Immune Cell Population And Protein Expression in a Mouse Model of Multiple Sclerosis"  
  • Alexandra Mulligan, "Impact of Busulfan Toxicity on Lymphoid Organs in a Mouse Model"
  • Marissa Alger, "Creating a Mixed Library of GFP ORF Fusions in Linear DNA"  
  • James Kaufman, "Who​ ​Flipped​ ​the​ Switch?​:​ ​Investigating DNA Repair Gene Regulation​ By​ Transcription​ Termination"   
  • Michael Vannini, "Controlling MEN: Characterizing the Mutant NUD1 Allele in the S. cerevisiae Mitotic Exit Network"  
  • Tusneem Janoudi, "Mining the Surface of RNA Polymerase for Transcription Factor Binding Sites"  
  • Grasiela Torres, "Genetic Characterization of RodZ, a Cell Shape Determinant in Escherichia Coli"


  • Austin Greenstein, "The United States' Opioid Crisis: How Behavioral Economics Can Shape Effective Public Policy"
  • Emily Hom, "Affordability and Availability: Evidence Based Analysis of How Housing Market Conditions Impact Homeless Families vs. Homeless Individuals"
  • Madison Soares, "The Future of Work: A Substitution and Augmentation of Human Labor with Intelligent Automation"


  • Krista Meserve, "Understanding the Role of DNA as a Template in Calcium Phosphate Mineralization"
  • Jason Miech, "Analyzing Surface-Bound DNA as a Template for Calcium Phosphate Mineralization Using Microfluidics Integrated with a Quartz Crystal Microbalance"
  • Sadie Piatt, "Development and Application of Single-molecule TIRFM to the Study of Facilitated Diffusion by Type II Restriction Enzyme EcoRI"


  • Darien Lynch, "Spanish Syllabus Project:  Pedagogy and Content"
  • Meghan Buckley, "An Intervention Through Second Step"
  • Mary Crossman, "The Importance of Movement in the Classroom"
  • Taylor Peck, "'Is Fair Always Equal?': A Study of Classroom Inclusion"
  • Kaleigh O'Donovan, "Integrating Wraparound Services into Schools Specifically for Children With Emotional and Behavioral Disorders"
  • Jacqueline Sady, "Defining Individual Success through Modifications and Accommodations: A Case Study"
  • Ashley Stiles, "The Volume Car Project: Implementation of an Inclusive Math Unit"


  • Talia Lavache, "Instagram and Narcissism: How the Like Button Influences its Users"
  • Meg Pachico, "The Guilts and Pleasures of TV Talk Shows" 
  • Jonathan Rowe, "Cross-cultural Navigations in Julia Alvarez's How the García Girls Lost Their Accents and Chimamanda Adichie's Americanah"
  • Samantha Reilly, "Mary's Gothic Phase: Ann Radcliffe's Expropriation of Disciplic Femininity"


  • Nicole Varca, "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Stress: Social Stigmas of PTSD in the Military"
  • Sarah Ebersole, "Aldo Leopold: Environmental Ethics in an Age of Game Hunting"
  • Haley Lynch, Brief, "But Not So Shining: A Critical Analysis of John F. Kennedy as America's Camelot"
  • Paige Chauncey, "Damned Women: The Underlying Misogyny in Witchcraft Accusations in 17th Century Connecticut"
  • Marcella Paez, "Recarving Wooden Women: Sexualized Perceptions of Women Aboard Ships During the Age of Sail"
  • Elizabeth Carse, "They Call Her Pocahontas: American Indian and Alaskan Native Women's Role in the Civil Rights Movement"


  • Julia Bujalski, "Graphic Design for Teaching Mathematical Concepts"
  • Alyssa Carson, "Sensitivity Analysis of Population Models: a Case Study of Yellowstone Elk"
  • Sarai Dancy, "Ready, Set, Math! Checking the Validity of Emmanuel College's Mathematics Placement Tests"


  • Lauren E. Shea, "Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language Syllabus Project: Research Readings Demonstrating Evidence to Support the Subject Matter Knowledge Requirements"


  • Meaghan Carey, "Identifying Genetic Mechanisms of Neuron Shape"
  • Jacqueline Mosko, "Fine Sensorimotor Abnormalities in Mouse Models of Autism Spectrum Disorder"


  • Nick Janowicz, "The Human Perception of Cause and Effect: Empirical Truth or Unfounded Belief?"


  • Lea Gillies, "A Product of History and a Challenge in Modernity: The Evolution of Political Sectarianism in Lebanon"
  • Sonja Josephson, "How Has the Aftermath of the September 11th Terrorist Attacks Resulted in the Limitation of Individual Information Privacy?"
  • Katharine Journeay, "Patrilineality as a Key Factor of Rape as Genocide"
  • David Korin, "The Hermit That Would Be a Hegemon: American Considerations for a Nuclear-Armed North Korea"
  • Emily Le Ray, "The Importance of Non-State Actors in Furthering Human Rights: A Revisitation of the Pinochet Case"
  • Ellison Chang, "Sex Trafficking: A Comparative Analysis Within Europe and the Asian Pacific"
  • Christiana Nocera, "Food Insecurity in Massachusetts Schools: An Assessment of the National School Lunch Program"


  • Ashley Roberge, "The Relationship between Praise and Criticism from Different Sources and Male Body Image"


  • Elisabeth Carse, "Labor of Love: State Directors' Perspectives on Migrant Education Program Implementation"
  • Devin Gilmore, "Fragmented Identities: Political Participation Among Republican Feminists"
  • Megan Lambert, "Empowerment Among Young Women"
  • Daria Miller, "Breaking Biases: Religious Identity Among Female Muslim Characters in Two North American TV Shows"

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