Saints Spotlight: Meghan Larkin '19

When Meghan Larkin '19 was a first-year student at Emmanuel, she paid close attention to her resident assistants (RAs) and became inspired by the effort they put into creating a positive living environment. But what really captured her attention was how much they simply loved being RAs.

She decided she wanted that job too; she wanted to be able to share laughs and memories and contribute to making life on-campus a memorable experience for her fellow students. As a sophomore at Emmanuel, Meghan began her journey as an RA in St. Joseph Hall where she was responsible for about 75 residents.

"To know that in some way, whether big or small, you're helping and changing residents' lives is an amazing feeling," Larkin says. "Whether I recognize it in the moment or later down the line, I know that my residents have a great impact on my life too. I'm very thankful for all of them and the experiences we share."

A self-assured people person, Meghan decided to become an RA to make closer connections to students and aid them as they live and grow on campus. Meghan quickly learned that, while working as an RA, she would need to communicate effectively with her residents, behave professionally when addressing sensitive situations, and plan and organize events and meetings in an organized manner. Above all, she would need to be a strong student leader.

In addition to being an RA and a full-time student, Meghan has also served as a coordinator for the EC Dance Marathon executive board and as the public relations officer for the Irish Club, which was just recently founded. Although she has a full plate, Meghan is taking on RA duties again in her senior year, and she could not be more excited.

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